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The Peacock Shawl and Lots of Beanies

After a few weeks of electricians, plumbers, no hot water in the house, and lots and lots of stress crocheting, I do have some finished pieces to show and the Eilian/peacock shawl is definitely coming along very well with about 500m of the yarn already worked into the shawl. (Yarn – Red Heart Lacie in 00005, 3mm hook)


Besides the peacock shawl I’ve also started working on the beanies for the charity I’m helping out – check out their Facebook page here if you’d like to help as well – and have finished six so far.

beanies beanie

The yarn I’m using is all DK, although it ranges from Charity to Family Knit at the moment (4 mm hook throughout). I still want to put a flower or heart on all of them as I don’t see why you can’t give something beautiful and special.

I’ll post links to all the patterns next time 🙂


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