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WIPs Update – More Mermaid Goodness!

It’s been quite a good crocheting week and I’m well into the last mermaid tail I need to finish before Christmas. Then it’s just The Gift I (Kind Of) Forgot About and I’m15403544_394110377595139_4312461586854838272_n all set for the festivities.

The colourway for the new mermaid tail is completely different than for the others – I’m still using Elle yarns, though, and will put up the recipe in the next blogpost. I just really felt like bright colours this time around!

In other good news, I got a hold of more of the “Cool and Crazy” colourway of the Elle No 5 crochet thread which I am using for my Mermaid Tail Shawl. It’s been on hiatus since August and now I can at last finish it (after Christmas)! Then it’s just a matter of writing down the pattern.

Hope your festive makes are going well!

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